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Cloud Workshop at Polytech


8h 50

Accueil des invités 

9h 10

9h 20

Allocution de bienvenue par le Directeur de l’Ecole Nationale Polytechnique 

Allocution du Directeur du Laboratoire des Dispositifs de Communications et de Conversion Photovoltaïque 

9h 30

A perfect day in the cloud: how we got here, and where we are headed - technology & business perspectives

Dr. Riad Hartani 

Abstract: Few industry paradigms have had a definition as voluntarily fuzzy as "cloud computing". Ironically, this same concept is more and more, an integral part of everyone's daily life. Synonymous with an "Internet" centric lifestyle, crossing through all the business and industry verticals, it is already by now, a central pillar of the new digital and information centric economies.
If "data is the new oil", the cloud is the "refinery for this oil". It is where data sits, morphs and gets consumed. We spend a day traveling through the "cloud eco-system", first revisiting the latest cloud infrastructure evolution, from computing to storage to communications, to the data centers where its all hosted and the broadband infrastructure over which it is carried. We then have a closer look at the industry pioneers driving the cloud business model, and through that transforming century old industries, from retail to finance to energy, education, health and beyond. Finally, and as we project things into the near future, we provide a glimpse of what is to come, in terms of technology innovation and business models transformation. 

10h 30

Wireless Network Cloud: from virtual base stations to virtual networks 

Prof. Mérouane DEBBAH

 Abstract: Can a manufacturer (Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel-lucent,..) manage a nation-wide Algerian cellular network distantly? With the growth of the mobile communication network, from second generation to third generation and now fourth generation networks, technologists in the mobile industry continue to consider advanced wireless network architectures that have the potential to reduce networking costs and provide increased flexibility with respect tonetwork features. In this talk, we will discuss the Wireless Network Cloud (also known as Cloud Radio Access Network) which makes use of emerging cloud computing technologies such as software radio technology and remote radio head technology. In this talk, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities as well the consequences for an operator. 

11h 30

Débat et discussions 

Panel : Prof. Brahim HARAOUBIA, Dr. Mohamed DAMOU, Dr. Riad HARTANI, Prof. Mérouane DEBBAH, Dr. Rabah SADOUN, Prof. Nadjib BADACHE, Prof. Adel BELOUCHRANI.


 Les intervenants:

Dr. Riad HARTANI has been involved in a string of technology startups in the Silicon Valley over the years, from initial venture capital funding to product engineering to global market commercialization. Most recently, he co-founded RTBFast, Inc. a stealth venture specialized in optimizing algorithmic bidding on mobile advertising, and jumpstarted, Xona Partners, a global technology and strategic advisory firm. Prior to that, he was successively head of worldwide systems engineering at Wichorus, Inc. (acquired by Tellabs), a venture that pioneered 4G networking systems, head of global technology solutions at Anagran, Inc. (acquired by Saisei Networks), a venture developing intelligent network optimization/analytics solutions, and chief architect at Caspian, Inc. (acquired by Sable Networks), a startup developing advanced internet routing solutions, all based in the Silicon Valley.  Earlier, he held senior engineering and business positions with Nortel in Canada, the Canadian National Research Labs in Canada, Hitachi Central Research Labs in Japan and the French National Research Labs in France. He is also a founding member of various technology startups and a technical advisor to several internet and media ventures in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  He holds two Engineering degrees and a Master degree (applied mathematics and systems/computer engineering) with highest distinction, was awarded a Doctorate in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with highest honors from the University of Paris, was a doctoral and post-doctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley and completed the Executive Education in Business at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Riad HARTANI is an active contributor to various industry for a, such as the IETF, ATMF, ITU-T, OIF, IPv6, IEEE, Cloud Forum, Small Cell Forum, and 3GPP, and a frequent speaker, chairman and panelist at international industry and technology events. Riad HARTANI was born and grew up in Algiers, graduated from ENP, and been recently dual homed in San Francisco and Hong Kong. 

- Prof. Mérouane Debbah entered the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (France) in 1996 where he received his M.Sc and Ph.D. degrees  respectively. He worked for Motorola Labs (Saclay, France) from 1999-2002 and the Vienna Research Center for Telecommunications (Vienna, Austria) until 2003. He then joined the Mobile Communications department of the Institut Eurecom (Sophia Antipolis, France) as an Assistant  Professor until 2007. He is now a Full Professor at Supelec  (Gif-sur-Yvette, France), holder of the Alcatel-Lucent Chair on Flexible Radio and a recipient of the ERC starting grant MORE (Advanced Mathematical Tools for Complex Network Engineering). His research interests are in information theory, signal processing and wireless communications. He is a senior area editor for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. MérouaneDebbah is the recipient of the "Mario Boella" award in 2005, the 2007 General Symposium IEEE GLOBECOM best paper award, the Wi-Opt 2009 best paper award, the 2010 Newcom++ best paper award as well as the Valuetools 2007, Valuetools 2008, Valuetools 2012 and CrownCom2009 best student paper awards. He is a WWRF fellow. In 2011,he received the IEEE Glavieux Prize Award