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Presentation of the CEc club

The Chemical Engineering Club “CEC” is a purely scientific club relating to chemical engineering. Its main goal is to innovate in this specialty and do things not done by previous promotions and lead the engineering student to the best.

It has no political or lucrative interest and is made up only of students in the chemical engineering specialty at the National Polytechnic School.

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+213 0796 07 33 87

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year 2020


During this year we were not able to do any activity because I was elected as president in mid-January and the time to propose and brainstorm for new projects the Covid-19 appeared and we could not conclude our research and start a project.

year 2019

  • A theoretical study for a project idea called the pyrolysis of plastics. The aim of this study was to research the mode of operation and the concept of this method.
  • Organization of a MATLAB training for the students of the Polytechnic school who mainly were the students of chemical engineering and preparatory classes.
  • presentation of chemical engineering and club for new students in the 1st year of engineering cycle.

year 2018

This is the year the CEC was born, and the first event was an energy-themed conference, it was given by Prof. Chems-Eddine CHITOUR.