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Engineering Department of the environment

Context and objectives of the training

This program enables students to acquire knowledge and develop scientific skills. It is adapted to the S.T.C. the main characteristic of which is to facilitate the establishment of partnerships between institutions in the country or even different countries by providing a common principle of description of education programs. Students examine more flexible multidisciplinary problems; They also have more opportunities for collaboration and the development of communication skills.

It also aims to train specialists in the field of engineering sciences capable of carrying out a systematic approach to design and / or research thus preparing them either to occupy responsibilities in the sector corresponding to their multidisciplinary profile, or to industrial research or the pursuit of doctoral studies. The engineer graduating from this specialty therefore becomes operational, whether for the socio-economic sector or for the pursuit of doctoral studies.

It goes without saying that this training must also meet the needs of the industry, which is undergoing profound changes in view of the economic requirements of the day.

The two options offered in this process engineering program make it possible to achieve these objectives, in particular in the following sectors:

Industrial chemistry, all sectors combined
Environmental genius
Sustainable development

Training Manager / Coordinator

Terms of Access

The conditions and modalities of student access to the department are identical to all departments of the National Polytechnic School.