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Department: Civil Engineering

Context and objectives of the training

This training allows students to acquire knowledge and develop scientific skills. It is adapted to the E.C.T.S program, the main characteristic of which is to facilitate the establishment of partnerships between institutions in the country or even in other countries by providing a common principle of description of teaching / research programs.

This teaching program aims to train specialists in the field of engineering sciences capable of carrying out a systematic approach to design and / or research thus preparing them either for industrial research or for the pursuit of doctoral studies. The engineer / Master graduating from this specialty therefore becomes operational, whether for industry or for the pursuit of doctoral studies.

The specialization offered in this program makes it possible to achieve these objectives, namely: Design, Calculation, analysis and auscultation of structures in the Civil Engineering sector, Research in Materials Sciences, Environment, Earthquake Engineering, Geotechnics.

Training Manager / Coordinator

Targeted profiles and skills

  • The profile of the outgoing engineer is in the field of Civil Engineering; The acquisition of knowledge through this training allows him to work on three closely related and constantly evolving disciplines, namely Construction and Environment, Earthquake Engineering and Geotechnics.
  • The trained engineer will have proven abilities in analysis, design, modeling and simulation, control and identification, fault diagnosis, infrastructure monitoring and research in different disciplines. He must also be able to adapt to recent major developments in the field of Civil Engineering and become familiar with the latest developments in relevant software.
  • His in-depth knowledge in subjects considered fundamental as well as technical and / or scientific ones also enables him to be used in industry and in scientific research.

Regional and national employability contexts

A very promising job market is expected for outgoing Engineers / Masters who have completed this additional training in the engineering program. Within the framework of the major projects of the five-year plan; for example, we will cite the East-West motorway project, the trans-Saharan, the ring roads and the construction of thousands of housing units as well as participation in National Research Programs.