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Industrial Engineering Department

Context and objectives of the training

The Industrial Engineering department offers two training courses in the field of engineering sciences in the broad sense of the term, namely:

Sector 1: Industrial Management

four in number, lead research work in important and varied themes such as:

  1. Design and Development of Manufacturing Processes
  2. Improvement of Productivity and Competitiveness
  3. Quality Management and Development
  4. Control of Investments in Cost, Quality and Deadlines
Areas of work:
  • Project manager,
  • Responsible production,
  • Business engineers,
  • Maintenance manager,
  • Product Manager,
  • Quality Manager,
  • Consulting professions,
  • Supply chain manager,

Sector 2: Innovation Management

The objective is to train engineers able to produce innovative ideas and initiate innovation processes in the company but also to support them. Companies are forced to question themselves, to evolve and their future will depend heavily on their ability to innovate.

Concretely, this can concretely result in:

  1. the design of new products and new activities,
  2. the implementation and management of new processes,
  3. setting up new partnerships,
  4. promoting innovation,
  5. project and team management,
  6. business creation.

Training Manager / Coordinator