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History :

The library of the National Polytechnic School has existed since the creation of the school in 1925. It preserves important collections of old funds of great rarity, it was in furnished premises.

In December 2005, she was moved to the new building. The old library is transformed into an annex and reserve library. Its users are mainly students of preparatory classes; redeveloped in 2019, with a capacity of 80 places. In addition to its books, it has a large collection of 791 journals (closed collections). 

The new library covers an area of ​​1088 m2 with three levels and includes two reading rooms; the first with a capacity of 300 places, the second with 90 places reserved for consultation of theses and dissertations, a media library and meeting room.


Organization of the library:

It has three (03) services in accordance with the regulations:

  • Acquisition and processing department 
  • Bibliographic research service
  • Public reception and orientation service

Library manager