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History :

The library of the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique plays an important role in raising the scientific level and occupies a distinguished place among Algerian university libraries thanks to the modernity of its funds, its organization and the methods of providing its services.
The library has been open since the founding of the school in 1925 AD, in order to raise the level of teaching and scientific research. It has undergone several developments, as it has been an active member of the Tempus 3 project since 2003.
It has moved to more than one location and settled in its current location in December 2005, with a capacity of 500 readers. The current building is made up of three (3) floors + ground floor. In addition to an adjoining store for office collections.
The library computerized all its services in 2005 using the PMB system, which is an integrated system conforming to international standards and supporting all technical and administrative operations of the library.
In 2003, the library introduced the SYNGEB system to catalog all of its library holdings, with the exception of the memoirs of the master and the state engineer. In the process of indexing its collections, the library also relies on the International Standardization of Bibliographic Description (ISBD), while in the classification process it relies on the International Decimal Classification (IDC).

Organization of the library:

It has three (03) services in accordance with the regulations:

  • Public reception and orientation service
  • Acquisition and processing department 
  • Bibliographic research service

Library manager