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Preparatory classes :

As part of the reform of higher education, a program to set up, across the national territory, preparatory schools in science and technology was initiated in January 2009 by the Ministry of Higher Education and of scientific research.

Located within the National Polytechnic School of Algiers, the preparatory classes department trains students to pass the national entrance examination to higher national schools.

Context and Objectives of the 1st Cycle training

The higher national schools, also known as engineering schools, are among the best and most prestigious higher education institutions in Algeria. Following their studies, graduates of the  Higher School will have interesting career prospects.

At the end of this training, students who do not enter a large school can continue their studies at the university.

At the end of the second year, the student will enter the common national competition bringing together the higher national schools and will be oriented towards the specialty chosen according to his classification.

The course of the studies is as follows:

1- The duration of the student’s training course in Preparatory Classes is two years.

2- The lessons are organized into Fundamental, Methodological, Transversal and Discovery Teaching Units. A Teaching Unit consists of one or more subjects provided in different forms of teaching: courses, tutorials, practical work, conferences, seminars and personal work.

3- The Teaching Unit and the subjects which compose it are assigned a coefficient, evaluated by a mark and measured in credits.

4- The knowledge assessment for each Teaching Unit is carried out in the form of continuous assessment which can take the form of short questions, homework, presentations, practical work, or any other means of control. . A final exam is organized at the end of the semester.

5- The evaluation is semi-annual (examinations, inquiries, presentations … etc) for an annual progression.


Training Manager / Coordinator

Deputy Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department