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Chemical Engineering Department

Brief Description of the Department:

The Department of Chemical Engineering is a department that offers basic training in process engineering. Despite a relatively closed job market for reasons of the economic climate, chemical engineers graduating from the National Polytechnic School are recruited by both Algerian companies (Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, Naftal, Naftec, Saïdal, etc.) and foreigners (Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, to name but a few). Thus, a very promising job market is expected for outgoing engineers who have followed this course of study.

Since 2000, the Department has housed the Fossil Energies Valorization Laboratory, whose teams, four in number, lead research in various themes becoming increasingly involved in sustainable development concerns. Thus, the last doctoral training authorized in the department is entitled “Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Development”


Training Manager / Coordinator

Context and objectives of the training

The profile of the outgoing engineer is in the field of Process Engineering, the acquisition of knowledge of which allows him to work in all the disciplines where Process Engineering is concerned, that is to say that he is intended for almost all of the chemical industry.

From petroleum to pharmaceuticals, via glass or chemicals, the process industries are in rapid evolution. Increasingly complex, their markets require a constant adaptation of supply to demand.

The trained engineer will have proven abilities in analysis, design, dimensioning, modeling and simulation. He must also be able to adapt to recent major developments in the field of Process Engineering and become familiar with the latest developments in relevant software.

His in-depth knowledge in subjects considered fundamental as well as technical and / or scientific ones also enables him to be used in industry and in scientific research. The purpose of basic research in chemical engineering and process engineering obviously remains the development of concepts, methods of technologies to better understand, design and implement processes by which the raw material and energy are optimally transformed into a finely targeted product.

Conditions and modalities of access

The conditions and modalities for student access to the department are identical for all departments of the School. Pupils are admitted after having followed a two-year course in preparatory classes and a competitive entrance examination for the grandes écoles. The candidates are ranked in order of merit and the choice of the path is made in this order during an orientation session. The selection is very strict in view of the limited number (around 300) of candidates that the School can admit in the 1st year, all fields combined.