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Opening of the second (2nd) application session

the opening of the second (2nd) application session with a view to obtaining university habilitation. The operation is done through the PROGRES platform:

Important dates:

Automatic assignment for teachers with the “MCB” grade

Mode of consultation: from April 24 to May 01, 2021

During this period if you have the MCB grade and you do not have a Progress account or you have not been automatically assigned in order to be able to submit a file, you will have to approach the computer center to settle this (put me in copy in order to follow the steps). There are documents to be signed by the school (Director, Deputy Director, etc.) please prepare them.

Submission of the file: from May 02 to May 15, 2021

During this period you will have to (if you have the MCB grade and want to submit a file) enter your data and scanned documents via the platform whose link is given above.
I am attaching the platform user guide and an explanatory video:

University Habilitation user guide

In addition to the text governing university accreditation (decree 804 of July 14, 2021 attached) there is a new text amending article 12 of decree 804 (decree 493 of April 20, 2022 attached). With this new text, candidates have a clear view of the content of a file and the points they will have when studying their respective files. Please read carefully before preparing your file.

decree 804 of July 14, 2021 attached

decree 493 of April 20, 2022 attached

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